Where Have You Been?

It’s been a while. I kept making myself, and you, promises that I can’t or won’t keep. That’s the struggle with addictions. If it’s not alcohol keeping me from here, it’s friends. Healthy or not, it’s a poor excuse.

I recently lost my job and I have been going through my work. I’ll be submitting Phases for publishing soon, and hopefully finish godsend.

I got sidetracked with another project that I never even outlined. The Henchman is a story about a security guard who works for a big time drug dealer. He was late for work one day and the DEA murdered everyone he knew. So he’s just a normal guy trying to find a job but he’s too good at killing people so his life keeps repeating its own disasters.

I’m enjoying the book as I write it. godsend is too much at times and I feel this pressure to fulfill my original goal. The Henchman is fun and has no expectations.

Anyway, I encourage you to enjoy Phases while you wait.

godsend Chapter Two is up

I’m hoping that this second chapter will add to the first and give a sense of where this book is going. There are still story arcs to follow that I am working on, but I am finding less time than I wanted to type this up. Hopefully I can still end with my finishing goal of December.

For now, enjoy the second chapter. I’ll try to have the third posted in two weeks. Thank you for your patience.

godsend Chapter One

Finally, a chapter is born. If you find any errors, feel free to drop a comment. I appreciate the second set of eyes.

I will now work on chapter two and three. The ball is rolling at least. I feel good having finally taken the plunge on another novel.

If you read the first one, keep in mind that this one is very different. In fact, none of my story ideas seem to be in the same genres.

I’ll let you go read now. Enjoy.

Status update

I heard something today that, along with realizing I actually have people waiting on my next book, inspired me to work a little harder on my next project.

“Comfort kills artistic impulse” -Jack White.

It’s true. Without the drive, the need, the force pushing you- things become dull. I once trained for a marathon. Two years of hard work and thousands of miles later, I achieved my goal. I’ve ran less than 15 miles since then. There is nothing pushing me.

Yesterday someone messaged me on instagram (@teh_wookeh) and asked when ‘godsend’ would be completed. Without being asked, I probably wouldn’t know. I’ve been inching along on this project when my last novel was pouring out of me. Did I simply burn up all my creative fuel? No, the story is there and so are another six in the works. So what happened?

Just like the marathon, I achieved a goal. I finished. And nothing happened.

This is my fault really. I haven’t found an editor. I haven’t researched agents. I keep telling myself that I want to have two or three books to present. It’s a poor excuse and I apologize for that. When you accomplish a goal, you are supposed to set a new one. I neglected that duty.

New goal: finish ‘godsend’ by Christmas. Four months to write another nine chapters. I’ll stop doing so much work on many products and focus on this one more.

Thanks for your patience.


You may notice a new drop down menu under the header. godsend (intentionally lowercase…) is a new novel I’ve spent the last two years working on. It was created by Blaine (setting and main character) and written by myself. I have most of it solidly outlined and several chapters written by hand. Please be patient with me as I attempt to put a chapter a week up for review. Though I may do a chapter every two weeks. I’m pressed for time.

And don’t expect anything remotely similar to Phases. Love it or hate it, I’m going in a very different approach.

Thanks for reading.

Thank you/Update

It’s been a while yes, but that doesn’t mean I haven’t been here lurking around. I gave twenty people the link to my book, nineteen of them enjoyed it. Three gave the link to others. And three more absolutely loved it. Five are still reading it, very slowly, but reading it.

You text me in tears. You emailed me with threats. You called with passion in your voice.

All of these things told me- you loved the book. Even those who said they hated it. They hated it because they cared for the characters. Life isn’t always easy and since I based this off of real relationships with real people, you get to share my pain.

The best book review I’ve ever received, and the one I cherish above all:

“This was the worst book I’ve ever read. I loved it. Thank you.”

No, thank you. Thanks for reading. Thanks for the feedback. Thanks for the tears. I value everything you readers give me, because your thoughts are worth more than gold. And by gold I mean cash, cash that I don’t have, because I’m not published.

What I want from you

To my readers:

First off, I want to thank you for giving Phases a chance. Secondly, I want to hear what you think. Your feedback is very important to me. I’ll be submitting this novel for publishing and you have the potential to make it better.


1. What is your favorite part?

2. What do you hate about the book?

3. Is there anything you would change?

4. Would you recommend the book to a friend?

5. Would you be interested in a sequel?

6. What is your overall feeling after reading this?

7. I’d like to know a little bit about you.


Seriously, you guys and girls are awesome. I can’t thank you enough for the already positive feedback.

At last, a novel is written.

It took me seven months, but I finally finished my first draft. Even though I’ve poured over this four times, I’m still calling it a first draft. And now, after a two month break (actually, I started a second novel) I am prepared to read through the entire novel and see if I need to change anything else.

The book ended up being fifteen chapters and 88,484 words. This project started out as free writing and did not have a plot or outline. I wanted to get some writing experience before I ruined a good outline on another project. I never expected to turn this into a full length novel, but I’m glad that I did.

I’m off to shop for beta readers now.


I know, I am falling behind my ‘chapter every two weeks’ rule. I’ve written them, don’t worry. But you know how you feel when you’ve been reading a book and at the end you can’t put the book down? It’s kind of like that. The momentum is flowing and I don’t want to stop.

Also, the last chapter is difficult. It conflicts with my style too much. I’m trying to stay true to my format and since I never bothered to outline this story (well, I never intended to write more than one chapter in the first place), I find it increasingly difficult to continue.

A solution is coming though. A vacation. I’m taking the next seven days off and, assuming my laptop makes the travels without any issues, I’ll have time to really focus. Then I simply have to go back and proofread the last three chapters before tossing them up here and forgetting this entire story for a while before I edit it and whip out a second draft.

Thank you for your patience. I figure you deserve an explanation since I’m taking forever.

Ten entire chapters…

I feel like I reached a landmark here. I’ve been writing for a few years, but I’ve never came close to completing anything. Yet here I sit, about two chapters away from finishing this book. And I’m nervous.

Nervous because I don’t want to let it go. I’m afraid to end my fantasy with these random characters that have found life inside my head. I’m not ready to end it.

I’ve been here before. But what held me back last time is no longer prevalent. I am ready to open myself up. The fear of being known does not stop me.

And here I am, so close to the end. This is exciting people. I will finish this, start a new project, and then have a second draft coming soon. I am making progress. It’s so bizarre!

Oh, before I ramble on, this is just a notification that I published chapter ten. I know I’m late, but it’s because I just bought a house and have been slowly moving in. Sometimes real life interrupts the story world. But now I am trying to make up for it with an exciting chapter.


(the chapter) https://brooksbooks.org/phases/chapter-ten/